Month: February 2018

Fixing The Thumper Mini Pro2

Stop The Presses! I just received an e-mail concerning a mechanical problem with a Thumper massager. A gentleman was asking me if I knew about possible places to get a malfunctioning Thumper unit back to working condition. At that moment in time, I did not have any answers for this […]

Nude Art or Pornography?

In the fall of 2007, American photographer Nan Goldin had one of her photographs removed from Baltic Center for Contemporary Art in England by police condemning it was a violation of their child protection act. The photograph was of young girls titled Klare and Edda belly-dancing shown one of the […]

Famous Peruvian Women

There are few famous Peruvian women, because of the fact that many other countries do not share the same ideas as to what constitutes a famous person. One woman that has went beyond these stereotypes is Kina Malpartida, a boxer. Born in 1980, she is in the super featherweight division […]

Sculptures and Art From the Philippines

Sculptures from the Philippines come in a variety of mediums. There are glass sculptures, marble sculptures, bronze and mixed medium sculptures. The themes, forms and styles used for Filipino sculptures run the artistic gamut from abstract sculptures to figure studies. During the 18th century sculptures from the Philippines reflected Catholic […]