Day: January 26, 2018

Restaurant POS

Eating out will now take only as long as it takes for the food to be prepared. You can sit back and enjoy your night out while your order is electronically taken and remotely printed. Before you know it, your favorite food is before you, piping hot. Restaurant point of […]

Wi-Fi Advantages

Computers are the most important and used part of our office life; it is very much the part of our life in homes also. I would not want to get into details of what computer is and how this can be us help in any way. Every one knows what […]

Plato’s Secret

The ancient Greeks had a relaxed attitude toward masturbation, regarding the act as a normal and healthy substitute for other forms of sexual pleasure. They considered it a safety valve against destructive sexual frustration. Masturbation in both their art and writings was called anaphlan, which roughly translates as “up-fire.” Diogenes, […]