Lil Wayne – The Popular Singer of Popular Music


Though he was born Dwayne Michael Carter, Lil Wayne is better known with his acquired name. When asked why, the rap musician has said that he is not interested in keeping his father’s name. Born on September 1982, he has grown up with his mother as his father has separated from the family when Lil was just 2 years old. He lived in New Orleans, Louisiana. When he was nine years old he joined Cash Money Records and he was their youngest member then. In 1997 he joined the group Hot Boys. “Guerilla Warfare” was the most successful album of the group for Wayne.

The debut album of Lil Wayne was released in 1999 and it gained platinum states. More than one million copies of “The Block is Hot” were sold. In the year 2000 he released his second album “Lights out” but it failed to make an impact receiving only gold status. Critics attributed the status to his immaturity and he followed it up with another album in 2002 called 500 Degreez. Though he followed the same format of the previous two albums with this also, his third album was not a success.

It was in 2004 that he released his next album and it was successful enough to sell 878,000 copies in the US. By this time his rapping style has improved. The album “Tha Carter” brought him recognition and the single “Go DJ” was recognized as it was selected to be one of the top 5 in the R&B Hip hop charts. In 2005 Lil Wayne released his “Tha Carter II” and that too was able to sell over 238,000 copies during the first week of its lease.

Lil Wayne is a highly recognized talent in the music scene at least in New Orleans. When Barack Obama visited the state on his election campaign he mentioned the name of this rap musician in a speech recognizing his talent. He did it in a speech advising children to stay in school and finish education rather than taking short cuts.

Lil Wayne was involved in a few cases of possession of drugs. After a performance in New York he was caught smoking marijuana. Later a pistol was also found in a bag left near him. Though the pistol was found licensed under his manager’s name he was charged in courts. He was sentenced to one year in the jail but he was released after 8 months in prison. He also had to contest several law suits on various counts.


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