The Truth About Learning Music Production


On the internet there are many provided "solutions" to creating professional tracks. Some of them actually have good content, and can play a role in your projects. But even the best of them seem to absorb a lot. You have to "get" why things sound the way they do, and why there are do's and don'ts that you should follow. The assumption seems to be that, since this is so much fun, and the technology does so much for you, there are not any real rules, and you do not need to know much. Everything will just come out great. Some of these solutions depend on an arsenal of equipment that you probably do not own, or you are held captive by their proprietary solution (ie their own product). Soon, everything starts to sound alike, and this is not really desirable if you want to be good at this.

So, after finding that the choices seem to be: 1. Go to music school, spend a lot of money, study hard, take in all you can, and then maybe you'll know what you're doing. or 2. Buy the right toys and the music will take care of itself. It's all about learning the technology. Well, I'm here to tell you that, if you even remotely believe # 2, you need to adjust your perspective some. However, going to music school is something that most people can not afford, neither time wise nor financially. So what's the truth, and where can you find it?

The truth is that you need to learn enough about actual music to know when the technology is doing something that's good, and when it's not. Your own judgment and understanding of the "rules" of music have to play a role. Yes there are shortcuts, and I plan on writing many articles to help. However, to get good at music production means to know why something IS "musical". What does that word mean? Some notes go well together. Others do not. Can you tell the difference? If your idea of ​​a musical track is: "a beat" and other than the drums and vocals, the music looks less important, guess what? That's not how the big guys think. Every note and every sound is carefully planned out. Do not get me wrong. I know I might be making this seem like a ton of work, but the bottom line still is: Music is the best thing you can do on so many levels, that the work part becomes really a pleasure. If you have the passion to do this, it will come. You just need to understand the truth about it first.

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