Culinary Arts Schools in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the major areas in the United States where a number of culinary establishments are operating. It is for this large mix that Atlanta becomes a great location for people wanting to learn about the art of cooking.

With more and more people recognizing how ideal Atlanta for studying culinary arts is, it’s no surprise that today, almost a hundred culinary schools are now operating in the Atlanta area. These schools are offering programs that generally vary according to the focus of study, the requirements, and the cost. Some of these culinary schools in Atlanta are expensive, however. But knowing how valuable the programs are, the cost of the education can surely be outstripped by the quality of the education that the culinary schools in Atlanta can provide.

But the question now is where exactly in Atlanta to study culinary arts?

As mentioned earlier, the culinary schools in Atlanta now come in great number. But if you want to know exactly what schools are best to attend to, I have mentioned below some of the favorite picks for you. Note, however, that these are just a few of the many, so none of these schools have suit your needs, I suggest you to go online and look for the other culinary schools available. With a number of schools having their own web sites these days, it’s no wonder that you’ll find your best pick in just a matter of click. But, before you do so, consider first the following:

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts offers a wide selection of the finest in European and North American culinary arts training programs. All of the programs are offered to help students obtain and develop necessary skills that may help them find their ideal job in the culinary industry after graduation. Today, this school offers a lot of areas for culinary study, including baking, basic food production, cake decorating, culinary management, dining room services, hospitality, menu planning, recreational cooking, restaurant management, and a lot more. You can find more information about this school at

The Art Institute of Atlanta

Another leader in creative education, The Art Institute of Atlanta has actually been serving the Atlanta area with the high quality culinary education available. Just like the other culinary schools in Atlanta, The Art Institute also offers a wide selection of culinary arts programs for people to choose from. They pay much emphasis basically on the restaurant management, culinary arts, culinary management, and catering management. And, perhaps what’s great to know about this school is that all of its classes are conducted by experienced faculties who pay much attention to personal instruction and modern facilities. It is through these highlights that The Art Institute of Atlanta is recognized throughout the Atlanta area as one of the best culinary schools to attend in the area.

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