Act Now Before Spyware Kills Your Internet & Computer


Here's the deal … If you frequently download software from the Internet, then the chances of your computer being infected with some form of Spyware, or Adware are quite high.

In case you do not know, Spyware is a specially written piece of software that is designed to monitor your online activity while sending this data onto a third party, often located somewhere on the other side of the world. So by installing your recent downloaded program you're also blissfully unaware that you maybe installing Spyware too.

Now, not all Spyware is dangerous, in fact although it's generally frowned upon in the Internet community some advertiser will use it as a marketing tool to monitor the type of websites you visit, time online, etc. However, the more aggressive forms of Spyware will collect private information about you, sometimes your bank details or credit card numbers and before you know it your financial security has been comprised.

This is a frightening thought, but sadly all too real. So, what can we do to defend ourselves from Spyware? Well, the first thing we can do is look for a decent Spyware removal program. They work much like ant-virus software would do by storing a database of known Spyware programs. Most also have the ability to remove it from your system or hold it safely in quarantine somewhere on your hard drive.

Things to consider when you look for a Spyware remover are ones that regularly update their definition files, so even the most recent forms of Spyware are caught. Do not think either you need to spend a fortune on Spyware removal. In actual fact some of the very best utilities are free and are just as good as the paid versions.

Common Signs of an Infected Computer:

Computer runs slowly Internet connection is slow Browser takes you to websites you did not request.

Bounce-Back emails received from unknown addresses.

Credit Cards / Bank Account comprised.

So you need to be vigilant whenever you download programs on the Internet. You may be surprised to learn that buried deep in the license agreement on certain programs are details asking for your consent to sending data about you, or your browsing habits to a third party. Just be careful what you agree too, you may be welcoming Spyware onto your system without actually knowing it …

Even if your computer appears to be running fine, its still good practice to regularly scan you system for any signs of Spyware. If used early enough you can save yourself a whole host of problems further down the line.


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