Parents and Teenagers – 6 Tips For a Stress Free School Morning

It is 20 minutes before the bell rings, and you are rushing out the door – or at least trying to. You call out to your teenager to hurry, grab the toaster pastry from the toaster and get in the car. Meanwhile, you are putting the finishing touches on your own appearance praying that there are no red lights on the way to school. Sound familiar? Here are some tips to help your morning go smoothly:

1. Establish a routine

Routines provide a sense of peace and even comfort to many people. You know what to expect, and there is no guesswork. A morning routine is a great way to ease into your day. Adding a very basic routine to your morning can eliminate stress and chaos on school mornings.

2. Involve your teenager

Teenagers crave independence. Therefore, when establishing a morning routine, it is essential that you involve your teenager. If he / she does not have any ownership then there is a good chance that your routine will become combative. Tackle the problem together of how to have a smooth morning, not just for you but for them as well!

3. Consider temperament

A person's natural temperament can have a lot to do with his morning routine. Is your teenager more of an early riser or night owl? An early riser may like to shower in the morning, while a night owl may prefer to shower at night. If your teenager is a night owl, then trying to transform her into an early riser is probably not going to work.

4. Meal planning

How many times have you woken up asking the question, "What are we going to have for breakfast?" Then you dash into the kitchen praying there is something of nutritional substance. Or you try to get dressed in a quick fashion, so that you or your teen can stop by the local fast food place to scarf down something to eat on the way to school. Meal planning can bring some relief not only to your morning routine, but also your dinner one as well. It can also save money, especially with increasing food costs.

5. Avoid confrontation

Who likes to start the morning off with conflict? Mornings are not the optimal time to discuss conflict. Find a regular time to discuss things with your teenager, and leave the morning for just starting the day. Some conflicts require more time to resolve than just a morning when you are trying to get ready.

6. Get organized

Organization tend to get a bad wrap. For many it conjures up feelings of boredom and micromanagement. On the contrary, getting organized can eliminate stress and make life enjoyable. Getting organized does not have to be elaborate. It can simply mean getting a calendar to list all of the academic activities on it, or even having a specific place for your keys so you do not have to scramble to find them.

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