Do Fashion Accessories Really Make a Difference to Your Outfit?

We have often heard the experts cry “accessorise, accessorise, accessorise” but do fashion accessories really make a difference to your finished look?

Do they really make your outfit seem more stylish or more like designer haute couture fashion?

The answer according to the most stylish people both in and out of the fashion world is, of course, “yes!”

There are many types of accessories available which can add that special something to your outfit, whether it be that special designer Italian leather bag, designer sunglasses, or an unusual item of jewellery. You can match your shoes and handbag, your scarf and gloves or even your lipstick, necklace and hair accessories!

Many styles of fashion and designer accessories are also available on the market. For example at one end of the extreme there are haute couture bags and accessories through to designer accessories, fashion and costume jewellery and items and striking necklaces and bracelets made from wood, bone or even glass!

The most stylish people plan outfits very carefully and even the smallest pair of earrings is carefully chosen to co-ordinate or sometimes deliberately contrast with the other items. Even when the finished look is casual and sporty, you can be sure that nothing has been left to chance.

Perfume can also be chosen to add to the completed outfit, for example a light flowery outfit is worn with a floral fresh scent such as Chanel Chance. A sophisticated evening look calls for a similarly sophisticated perfume.

An important thing to remember when thinking of your fashion accessories is balance. Don’t go into overload and wear every accessory you can find to co-ordinate with your outfit or you’ll end up looking a little like a Christmas tree.

If your outfit has a lot of detail, then simplicity is the key. The only items that may be needed could be a pair of earrings or a special bag.

I once saw a perfectly accessorised lady in a popular low price clothes shop in Italy. She was fascinating to watch and looked a million dollars.

On close inspection, she wasn’t expensively dressed in the latest designer labels, but she had carefully chosen everything for maximum effect. An elegant pair of black trousers, a short and fitted jacket, then stylish shoes. This lady, probably in her mid fifties had used a bracelet, handbag, nail varnish, lipstick and hair accessories (her hair was dark and pulled back tightly into a simple chignon) to complete this stunning combination.

There was nothing I could see that could have been excessively expensive but everything so carefully planned looked classy and perfect.

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