Fashion Jewelry Tips – How to Achieve the Layered Look

Jewelry is being showcased as daring, modern and fun. Single chains and pendants are for the backward-thinking fashionista. Models are parading down runways wearing ropes of gold metal chains intertwined with long strands of black faux-pearls.

Find Your Own Treasures

The best way to achieve the layered look with jewelry is to start with pieces you already own. First, lay out all your pieces of jewelry according to the style, type of jewelry (bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings), color and/or theme. For example, lay out all your bracelets by metal and/or type of materials (gold bracelets on one side, beaded bracelets on another side, etc). Also, combine the same size jewelry (chokers as opposed to long chains or strands of pearls).

You will need to combine the same metals, same textures and similar patterns. If you have a lot of vintage jewelry, put those pieces in another pile. If you are a true vintage jewelry collector, you can lay out the pieces according to certain periods or years. For example, if you have a lot of pieces your Grandma gave you from the 1950s and still have jelly bracelets from the 1980s you will want to separate these pieces.

How to Layer Jewelry

When you layer your fashion jewelry pieces, you want to achieve a fun, fashionable look. You can still be fashionably trendy without looking gaudy or tacky.

Here are some key tips on how to layer jewelry:

o Wear multi-stranded necklaces and bracelets

o Wrap long necklaces or bracelets around your neck and wrists (wrap them around twice)

o Layer your earrings (if you have the equipment, take apart older earrings and put them on the same wire-you’ll need special jewelry wire pliers to take apart the earrings)

o Pair vintage jewelry with modern pieces for a funky look

o Shop around at discount stores or thrift stores for unique fashion jewelry

o Wear contrasting metals like gold and silver bangle bracelets (alternate chunky bracelets with bangles)

o Layer with complementary colors and textures (wooden bracelets with earth tones/neutral greens and browns)

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