Is Online Education the Best Choice for You?

We live in a world that’s constantly changing. Our parents and grandparents could expect to get a good job with a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree, and stay with that employer for life. Now, we find ourselves switching jobs or careers, returning to the workforce, or needing more and more education to advance or keep the jobs we have. Yet how are we supposed to obtain this education when we have jobs, families, and obligations? Online education is the answer.


Perhaps online education’s greatest advantage is its flexibility. It may be that you live in an area where the nearest college is miles away. You may not have reliable transportation, or you may be disabled or have another situation which makes it difficult or impossible for you to travel. With online education, your professors and classmates come to you, via computer. All you need is a good computer system and a fast, reliable internet connection.

For others, time is the issue. If you’re working full-time, or a second job, your schedule may not accommodate traditional or night classes. When earning your degree online, however, you can call up your philosophy class at 2 a.m. wearing your pajamas. If you are a single parent, or lack reliable or affordable child care, distance learning enables you to earn a degree even if the kids are fighting over blocks in the background. You can discuss comparative literature with online classmates and no one will hear a thing.


You may be concerned that online schools are diploma mills, out to take your money but offering little in the way of educational or career value. Don’t worry! Many accredited colleges and universities now offer online degrees. Research your preferred school to see what options it features, or search by subject. If you have doubts about a program, look for it on the US Department of Education’s lists of accredited schools and recognized accrediting agencies, or contact your state attorney general’s office or the Better Business Bureau to check for complaints. You can be assured that an online degree from an accredited institution will be an asset to your career.


The number of degrees available to distance learners has skyrocketed; you’ll have many courses of study to choose from. If you’re already an RN, you can earn your BS in nursing. If you want to move from clerical to management, you can earn your Associate’s in business administration. Many Master’s degrees are available, including public relations, educational administration, and urban design. You can also earn certification in web applications, business essentials, gerontology and other subjects. Professionals can earn their Ph.D.’s in education or nursing practice. If you simply want the university degree you had to forgo, you can earn your Associate’s or Bachelor’s in general studies and study US history, astronomy, Spanish… a little bit of everything! Don’t let your situation keep you from an education! Login to see if an online degree is for you!

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