Top Five Fitness Activities For Children

After a spell of bad weather, that often leads to children being stuck indoors, it can become far too easy for them to turn to the television or a computer game for entertainment. While this is fine now and again mums will be relieved to know that the promise of some milder weather will soon be on the horizon! It's great to see your child running off some energy outside, and whether it means a trip to the local park or you are lucky enough to have a garden area for them to play in, your child will really benefit from staying active. We have come up with our top five fitness activities for children to help to inspire you this spring.

Frisbee. Children love to play with a frisbee and it costs next to nothing to do. Throwing and catching will help to develop motor skills and can be really satisfying and exciting once the right technique has been mastered. This activity requires space, so it may mean a trip to the park, but we promise you'll come back with rosy cheeks and smiles on your faces! If you feel really adventurous step it up a notch and take a kite.

Ball play. Again, this may mean venturing out of the garden for older children but ball play is a favorite with all ages and whether rolling, throwing or kicking it can give hours of pleasure. If you live near to a basketball court or have an area where you can erect one at home your children will love you for it. We can't think of a more fun way to improve hand-eye coordination.

Trampoline. If you have a small garden and are able to invest in a trampoline this activity will allow your child to burn off lots of energy, even while you're busy. Buy an enclosure for peace of mind and this firm favorite will tempt your child out into the fresh air again and again.

Cycling. Cycling can easily be worked in to your child's weekly routine; With a trip to the shops or even a commitment to cycling to school together on milder days. If you are lucky enough to live near a cycle track why not make use of the safety that it provides for younger cyclists.

Swimming. If the weather is bad outside swimming provides a fantastic alternative to all of the activities mentioned above. Learning to swim is challenging, great fun and a really good skill for your child to master. What are you waiting for?

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