Beginners Guide to Personal Trainers

We've all seen them in the gym taking care of their clients. Giving expert advice and due encouragement. But what can you expect from a personal trainer and how do you find a good one? Here we provide the answers to those questions and more.

Why have a personal trainer?

After all some are not cheap and it's you doing the exercise not them. However are you doing the right exercise, at the right frequency and with the right technique?

A personal trainer can save hours of hard work done incorrectly. A personal trainer can analyze your lifestyle and give you the perfect routine, encouragement and guidance. Then you can get the most from your workout efforts.

Personal trainer certification and qualification

Within the first conversation with a prospective personal trainer you should ask for their credentials. There are many governing bodies a personal trainer can be a member of. All of the following ensure the candidate can safely and knowledgeably instruct their clients by having them take various tests and courses:


Aerobic and fitness association of America – AFAA

American college of sports medicine – ACSM

American council of exercise – ACE

American fitness professional & associates – AFPA

International sports sciences association – ISSA

National federation of personal trainers – NFPT

United Kingdom

Lifetime dynamic training – LDT

National register of personal trainers – NRPT

Register of exercise professionals – REP

YMCA fitness industry training – YMCAFIT

Look for these plus any further qualifications gained at college or university. Any personal trainer should be glad to show you these.

How to find a good personal trainer

Before even choosing a personal trainer while you're in the gym observe them at work. See who give their clients good encouragement and are attentive. Look also for someone you'll get on with personally.

Also talk to some clients and get there recommendations. Some personal trainers specialize in long distance running or body building, ask around and see if you're goals match with any specialists. All in all get a feel of their reputation and combine this with your observations to find the best one for you.

What a personal trainer will do

Before any activity takes place the personal should discuss your general health and fitness goals. They will discuss your body type and find out how much time you're willing to spend. He / she will also need to know of any relevant health concerns you may have had in the past.

Your personal trainer should then draw up a fitness program to suit you. This will include fitness aims and a schedule to undertake during the week until the next personal training session. There should also be a comment on good nutrition toward a healthier lifestyle, all in keeping with your goals.

The personal trainer will then walk through a fitness routine with you. This will start with stretching and a gentle warm up followed by some cardio work (treadmill, bike, etc). He / she may then go through some resistance training. All of this is to check you're using the machines correctly and to go through your fitness routine so you can workout yourself until your next session with the personal trainer.

Personal trainers overall

Personal trainers are not always needed, you could do some training research yourself and focus yourself on your goals. But it is much safer and easier with the guidance and motivation from a personal trainer. You will also reach your goals far quicker and without injury with the professional help.

Overall be sure to check out all the personal trainers available, ask for their qualifications and, as long as you put the effort in, then your fitness and lifestyle goals should start to become a reality.

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