Fitness Boot Camp – What Are The Benefits?

Boot camp provides the obvious benefits of working out and adopting a healthy lifestyle; but these are the top 5 reasons why it will help you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. 

1) Quick Results! 

A well-orchestrated boot camp fitness class can burn as much as 900 calories in just 1 hour! They combine different physical activities such as:

  • resistance training
  • calisthenics
  • plyometrics
  • cardio circuits
  • endurance events

The class will deliver results much faster than typical exercise routines and workout classes!

2. You Are Pushed Harder During Workouts  

Very few people push themselves close to their physical limits when exercising. Professional instructors will push you to work harder and perform better than you normally would on your own. This helps to build and tone muscles faster, increase endurance, lose weight. and reach your fitness goals quickly!  

3. You Have A Support Group 

When a group of people go through a challenging event together a common bond is formed. Close friendships are created within the group – not unlike the effect of military basic training. This encourages you to stick with your workout program, and the participants help to hold each other accountable. You will continuously be motivated, focused, and feeling good about yourself! 

4. It Costs Less Than A Personal Trainer 

You receive all the benefits of having a personal trainer, with a significantly lower price tag. The instructor’s rate is divided amongst each participant… creating a cost effective fitness solution with all the experience and benefits of hiring a private fitness professional. 

5. It’s Fun and Exciting! 

The camaraderie, intensity, and the different exercises of a boot camp class make your experience more enjoyable than typical programs. You break out of the boring “fitness rut” that many gym-goers become stuck in – repeating the same boring routines day in and day out. Your desire to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle is given a jump-start!

* * * 

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