True Meaning Of Education

I want to share the true meaning of education according to me this time. In my view education is not the syllabus that we are being taught. It is neither the formulas nor the practical. Rather education is a way to go ahead and achieve yourself. Remember I am not saying to achieve success but to achieve yourself, means the true meaning of your being, the whole purpose of your life. Education is a way that makes our life simple and better for you. It makes you free unburdened as it gives the power of self decision to you.

As someone said, "Education is what remains when you forget everything you have learnt." You can argue that nothing remains when we forget everything. But it is not so. You can forget what is in your mind but not what is in your being. I mean that some things are inhabited in us and goes beyond the limitations of our mind. The example is in the movie "Ghajini". In the movie, although Aamir khan forgets everything in 15 minutes yet he didn't forget how to eat, drink, and all the elementary things.

Hence the writer of the quote said, "Education is what remains when you forget everything." Like you can never forget what is good and what is bad even if you lose your memory. Our whole being is so much conditioned from the beginning of our lives that we are not able to recognize some things that are beyond our mind. Just like that education never leaves you and make you realize your true being.

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