A Secret SEO Technique Most People Don't Use

Those who have been in the business of building websites and business are familiar with the very basics of SEO techniques in order to get ranked well within the major search engines. We have all heard or read many tutorials drumming the importance of using keywords in the titles, headline and contents of a web page.

Some even get more technical and began to use active linking strategies. In fact active linking strategies can be one of the best ways to get ranked high with the search engines but I'll explain that another time.

What we are going to talk about is a little secret 99% of sites don't use and this also includes websites that PAY for SEO. This is not a secret which is going to cost money nor does it take hours, days or weeks to master. You don't have to go to a product page which is going to tell you how great it and then demand money for software. In fact once you read what I'm taking about you can go ahead and use this trick on all your sites within minutes.

Insert the keyword in the text of a link. It's a good idea to have 2-5 outgoing links with one or more keywords embedded. Confused?

Let's say you're building a website centered on vintage and classic cars. Two of your many keywords would be "vintage" and "classic". Now you would want to add those two keywords to some of your out going links. It can be a link to a web page on your site, another website or even an affiliate website.

Still confused? Example:

Classic Cars (Would link to a page on your website)
Vintage Automobiles (Link to another website)
Buying Classic and Vintage Cars (Links to an affiliate website)

Now don't think that this little trick by itself will send your rankings through the roof. You still have to engage in other SEO friendly techniques as well. But this little trick will definitely help in your quest to securing a first page spot on major search engines.


Even though it's always good SEO to have keywords listed within the content of a web page, don't over do it as you could be targeted for keyword harvesting. Most of webmasters prefer to use between 10-15 keywords per page in order to stay on the major search engines good books.

With this simple principle in mind it's not hard to find ways of utilizing your keywords or phrases within your webpage and like various other techniques helps to drive traffic to your site and climb the search engine index.

Norman McIver

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