Autumn Fashion

This past spring, the season distinguished itself as usual by its printed fabrics of flowers, graphics, and polka dots. Summer traditionally is full of red, white and blue nautical lines. So for autumn everyone awaits the more glamorous attack, the moment for every woman to dress differently than throughout the rest of the year. Diversity, sophistication, glamor, rich textured fabrics, and details, make every fall / winter trend that is worn to be worth everyone's attention.

This autumn in particular, brings us an array of specific fabrics, among other other essential items. There are eight specific trends to adapt to your wardrobe this fall.

Plaid is one of them, it was somehow associated with the cowboy look, but now they have squeezed themselves in the urban fashion world, not only being combined with solid colors, but also with lines, dots and even animal print. Plaid is especially great in autumn scarves, hats and oversized bags. It can be combined with "leggings" under an oversized blouse.

Embellishments, artisan elements can be seen incorporated to hand made clothes. This trend was seen in the great runways of Vivienne Westwood in Paris, and Neem Khan in New York.

The masculine effect in women's clothes will also be a trend that everyone will try to adopt, how? By adding pieces like tuxedo blazers, vests, ties, and blouses to combine with black tuxedo pants or short tight skirts.

The mini dress will reign this fall / winter season; sophisticated but sexy with varied styles that adapt to any woman's taste. Romantic style blouson dresses are still very strong in fashion, but also tighter dresses with futuristic elements will start showing their way among the public.

Bohemian chic women don't have to forget their favorite look while it is characterized this season with a combination of prints and lace. Anna Sui's recent New York runway offered a bohemian inspired collection where brown and dark earth tones predominated over any other colors.

Belts will still be a favorite accessory for the season, since every pant and skirt will work hard to accentuate the feminine waist.

Lace and its romantic interpretation of fashion will be present in short and long dresses. Laced blouses will mark a very sophisticated trend to combine with simple accessories that enhance femininity.

Purple and all its shades will be the color of the season, play with every lilac, grape, dark purple, magenta, and so on shade and you will be ready to look glamorous and modern by day and also by night.

Fall can be considered the beginning of winter, when all the Holiday festivities come along, be sure to capture everyone's attention to get invited to every Christmas party and get the opportunity to show off your spectacular trends.

Accessories, as usual, are the key to finishing off a modern look, remember less is more, for a casual day out shopping try an oversized bag and scarf, while for a formal day out, simple earrings and a bracelet might do the trick.

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