Entertainment Media – How Does It Affect The Lifestyle Of Men And Women?

Hollywood royalty Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt walked the red carpet outside Grauman's Chinese Theater for the premiere of Angelina Jolie's new action thriller, "Salt" – she in a short black sequined number from Emporio Armani and he (Brad Pitt, of course) close to clean-shaven.

The media hype behind the event certainly boosted their huge fan following.
When the first shots from the set of the film were released, Jolie seemed thinner than usual, which sparked great speculation in the tabloids that she'd put herself on the liquid diet because she wanted to be at her best for the role. The diet also helped her stay fit and strong to complete the shooting in style.

This meant drinking only a concoction of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup – no solids whatsoever. It served the purpose. The film was a major hit!

Many young men and women are now venturing into a similar diet which would give them the Angelina Jolie look. Also they desire to stay fitter, healthier and stronger.

The entertainment media has impacted the lifestyle of the young and old. The media had played a major role in curbing unhealthy lifestyle that eventually results in health deterioration.

The media also had an adverse effect on the health of men and women. Young men and women are enticed to imitate what they see on the television, hear on the radio or read on a newspaper ad.

Movie Actors and Smoking

Madonna recently was making news for all the wrong reasons – the pop diva stunned guests at her 52nd birthday party by losing it out to cigarettes and alcohol.

A lot of men and women in the media world promote alcohol and cigar brands which in turn provokes the young and old to start smoking from an early age simply because during their younger years, they might have seen some of their favorite movie actors who are smoking on the big screen and they tend to copy them to the core.

As we know, smoking has an adverse impact on our health because aside from the risks it poses to our general health, there are also other side effects which can manifest on our physical as well as emotional condition especially as we grow older. Since men tend to smoke heavily as compared to women, they are more in great danger than their women counterpart.

Healthy Habits and TV Ads

On the other hand, the entertainment media can also be used as a tool to encourage people to start leading a healthy lifestyle. TV commercials promoting good health can improve and promote healthy habits and are often effective in enticing men to start reconsidering the way they are living their lives and how in the end their actions can affect their general health.

TV commercials on natural male enhancement also raise the awareness of men on how they can improve their sexual health by using all-natural male enhancement treatment. This just goes to prove that the entertainment media is not all about negative effects on the health of men but it can also promote good healthy lifestyle.

Social Networking and Men's Health

Another entertainment media that can affect men's health is the internet in the form of social networking. A lot of men all over the world are hooked on social networking media and instead of spending more time doing exercises or other worthy activities, those who are addicted to internet spend most of their time browsing their social networks. This is one great unhealthy lifestyle which can also be compared to eating fast food irresponsibly. With lack of proper exercise, there are a lot of negative effects that can impact one's health including the risk of cardio related diseases, poor eyesight, and other related illnesses.

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