Computer Runs Slow – You May Have A Registry Problem

A new computer in pristine condition, right from the box, will run at the full speed it was built for. Exactly how fast it runs depends on the speed of the computer chip, the amount of software you have installed and the amount of ram memory you have amongst other things.Obviously it also depends on the type of internet service you have. A dial up service is slow no matter what kind of computer you have. A broadband high speed internet service is fast and some extreme high speed services are available which are even faster.

If your computer is slowing down noticeably probably the most important thing that you need to do is to clean your registry. Registry? What is that ?.

All windows computers have a registry which is a database that the operating system uses to run the computer and programs. Over time as the computer is used the registry becomes choked with fragments of programs and other data. Every time you download a program from the internet or uninstall a program there is the possibility that data fragments will be left in the registry. Over time depending on how much use the computer gets this unwanted material builds up and bloats the registry. The operating system must navigate through this material to find the entries it needs to run the machine. This can cause very slow running, freezing and sometimes crashing. This gets worse as time goes by unless it is corrected.

The registry can be cleaned manually by using the Regedit function which is installed on the machine for this purpose. However be seriously forewarned that just one error here may disable the computer to the extent that it will not run. The only thing to be done then is to reinstall the operating system. Obviously we do not want to do this and lose all material stored in the computer. There has to be a better way and yes indeed there is.

Several companies make registry cleaner applications available for download on the internet. These programs will backup your registry then clean all unwanted material out. When finished which takes only a few minutes the machine will run like new again with a registry in good condition.

There are a number of these registry repair utilities available from several companies. Most of them will first offer you a free online scan of your registry to determine if there is in fact a problem there. You can look at the results of the scan and decide if you want to pay a reasonable fee for the program to clean your registry. We certainly recommend this rather than trying to do it yourself unless you really know what should and should not be in the registry.

Quality of the registry cleaners varies somewhat. There is a good, better and best as with most things.

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