Computer Shipping Boxes That Protect the Goods

What is the safest way of getting your precious computer from point A to point B? Well, it depends who you ask and how much they know.

The thing about computers is that they're not quite like a crystal vase, delicate and fragile. But they're also not like a piece of furniture, something you can handle pretty roughly. They're somewhere in between, and that's why it's safest to use specialty computer shipping boxes when you need to ship your not-quite-delicate but-still-pretty-fragile (and maybe precious) computer system.

Where to Start

Do you like free options? Most of us like free. You know how when you're moving, it's a good idea to go to retail stores and ask for shipping boxes? We're gonna use that strategy here. Go to your favorite computer store and ask for any boxes their desktop computers came in. See if you can get a box that still has its molded Styrofoam inserts. Even if it doesn't fit your computer exactly, you can cut it to approximate dimensions with a boxcutter. This will still work pretty well.

Where to Turn Next

Okay, if you can't get a free box from your local computer store, you may have to think about buying one. Computer shipping boxes that are for sale come in more than one style, but one clever one has you put your computer into an inner box, and that box is suspended in the center of an outer box by a molded foam fitting on each corner. All you have to do is fill the empty space between the boxes with some kind of packing material. This method is arguably safer than a do-it-yourself shipping box because they're tried and tested products that are designed specifically for consumers' computer shipping needs.

A Last Resort

Alright, there is one more way to get your computer shipped that's employed fairly frequently by the masses. Can you guess? You'll have to make your own shipping box. You can make the process fairly simple or pretty complicated, but here are some key points to keep in mind.

  1. First, do not overload the box. Do not throw in all your peripherals and other extras, like keyboards, speakers, manuals, and so on, if they're just going to overload your box and make it either too heavy to ship without freight charges or too bulky to handle easily. For goodness' sake, ship another load!
  2. Second, wrap, wrap, wrap! Computers take more impact during transport than you'll know, so it's a good idea to use maybe two layers of bubble wrap, making sure not to leave any areas exposed.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of ​​how computer shipping boxes could help you transport your electronic valuables. For more in-depth advice on all aspects of the process, go to our website.

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