Free Personal Computer

Have you checked out the free personal computer? If not, it is high time that you did before they are exhausted. The stocks of these beauties are limited and are known to vanish off within a few days of them being advertised on online sites. Chances are that you might have no idea about what is being discussed. This is the exact reason that this articles is being written. Like with any other product that has been launched, newer models of the PC too need to be advertised so that people can know about it.

However, with the costs of advertising in traditional media like the newspapers, magazines, websites, and television increasing quite a lot, the manufacturers of computers are looking out for other means of advertising. They have re-discovered about the values ​​of word of mouth advertising and are slowly implementing the same to advertise their latest products. This has many advantages, at least over print advertising. The images that one views in print advertising are static and are at best suitable to show off the looks of a personal computer. However, if someone wants to show off a bit of the functionality of the PC, they have to opt in for TV or flash based movies on the web.

Again, there is a disadvantage. People have to wait for a particular feature to be shown, just because other features are being demonstrated. Can you wonder if a person displayed the PC to you and immediately point out any feature you might want to see? This is exactly whet the manufacturers are doing by handing out a certain numbers of free personal computers. However, they want to ensure that the person who gets it have some basic knowledge of the gadget. Hence, they host a quiz program where the winner gets the PC for free.

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