Product Review: Rice Paddies – Scented Hot Pads

Rice Paddies are a unique gift for anyone that loves scented items. Taterberry Cottages offers many types of one-of-a-kind gifts, including these scented hot pads.

Mailed by priority mail with delivery confirmation and wrapped up very well in a neat package, it shows that Taterberry Cottage takes pride in their products and customer service. I was immediately impressed with how serious they take their unique business. A thank you note was included in my package as well. Awesome customer service!

The item I was able to try was the unique "Rice Paddies", which is a scented hot pad to be used in the kitchen. Attached to the hot pad was a note which told the description and care instructions. The description was as follows:

"Use under hot serving pieces or coffee and tea pots to protect your table top. They will more fully release their scent when warmed."

Care instructions included how to store Rice Paddies when not in use, how to clean, and how to renew the scent.

The print of our hot pad was "Orange Slices", and scented with Satsuma, which is an orange like smell. It really does smell fantastic, and the fabric fits the scent perfectly. A wide variety of fabrics are available in many different styles, as well as different scents to choose from.

When purchasing Rice Paddies from Taterberry Cottage, you'll get to choose your style (our's was rectangle, although others are available), fabric, and scent. Not only is this item unique, but they make it even better by allowing you to fully get an item that fits your personal preferences. Should you not want to pick yourself, pre-made Rice Paddies are available for immediate purchase as well under “a la cart”.

Other handmade items are also available at Taterberry Cottage, and can be seen at:

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