How You Can Succeed in an Entertainment Industry Internship to Jumpstart Your Career

Congratulations! You've gotten an internship in the entertainment industry. Now you need to learn the following steps in order to have a successful internship.

What can you expect from interning:

Getting the internship is only the first step. Now you must do a great job so that you will get a good recommendation and hopefully an offer to help when you start looking for a job.

Some general tips are:

o Most entertainment industry intern hours are 9-5 or 10-6. You could be asked to come earlier or stay later but those hours are a good rule of thumb.

o To really stand out, always be enthusiastic and excited at work. Offer to stay late and come in early!

o If you are given an assignment and do not complete it before the day is done, make sure before you leave that you email the person who gave you the assignment and tell her what your status is, where you have left it, and if it is something you can finish at home or if she should give it to another intern if you won't be in the next day.

o VERY IMPORTANT TIP: Always try to work on the day the company does its weekend reading meeting (usually on Monday). This is the day we discuss everything we have read over the weekend and you have a chance to make your opinions heard.

Coverage – learn it, live it, love it:

One of the most important jobs you will have as an intern is reading scripts and writing coverage. Coverage is basically a book report on the material but it also includes your comments and what you think of the material.

Reading a lot of scripts and doing coverage will help you in these ways:

1) By reading a lot of scripts you will thus be getting a very good sense of what is out there – what scripts are good, bad and just plain awful. The more you read, the better your story sense will get.

2) This will help you "breakdown" a story and be able to identify and articulate the main elements in a script. If you are a writer, this will help your own writing, and if you want to work as an agent, manager, development executive, or at another similar position, knowing how to break down a story is KEY.

3) If you write great coverage, you will make yourself stand out to the company. Great coverage gets passed up the chain and can go directly to the heads of the company. When they read how good your coverage is, the bosses may start relying on you to do coverage especially for them and might even invite you into their office to talk about a script you read. This establishes a rapport with them and makes you become a person rather than just an "intern" and someone they will remember and want to help.

Make sure to double check your coverage for spelling and grammar mistakes. Again, your coverage often goes to the head of the company and you want to put your best foot forward.

Also hand in the coverage on the date for which it is asked – never turn it in late with an excuse that your dog ate it!

How do you turn your internship into a job?

The easy answer is: do a GREAT job as an intern – not just an okay job but an outstanding job. Always be there on time, do the work, come in with a smile and be enthusiastic!

Because if you wow the entertainment industry people with whom you intern, they will remember you and repay your working for free by helping to get you a full-time paying job either with their company or with another entertainment industry company.

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