2 Major Physical Benefits of Physical Fitness

While there are a huge list of benefits from physical fitness, some physical, some emotional, and some in your over-all health; I want to be very specific in this article and look at 2 major physical benefits of physical fitness.

After-all, we all want to look better.

When you begin to add fitness into your life you will begin to notice some substantial changes right out of the gate. Of course, if you have been sitting for awhile you can bet for the first week you will be incredibly sore.

It's best to start your fitness journey without the ego. Most likely you are not in college anymore, you're not running high school track, your not sporting that slim, lean, and healthy body you used to have. So with that in mind, don't start your fitness with the mindset that you are still in great condition.

First things first, before you can achieve the physical benefits of physical fitness you must first transcend ego and begin your journey with modest goals in mind. Though, I am not saying you can't push yourself to goals that may seem impossible only to drive yourself inevitably in that direction.

What I am saying is pace yourself, the journey you are beginning should be based on life time goals, not a short term basis. With a long term success goal in mind your fitness will become part of your life, not just something you are doing this month.

So forget ego, don't hurt yourself trying to get a 6-pack in the first week. When you are trying to achieve healthy weight loss you can really expect to lose about 1-3 pounds of fat a week. Any more and you may be using an unhealthy approach which could lead to long term failure or health issues.

OK, now that you know how to accept the challenge let's look at some physical benefits of physical fitness.

# 1

Muscles will begin to grow and or define themselves through use, stimulation, and rebuilding.

If you are lifting heavy you will most likely build lean muscle mass, with that you will get stronger and your muscles will become more developed.

Most likely your body will "fill in", especially if you are scrawny.

If you are over-weight you will begin to notice the physical benefits of physical fitness as the love handles begin to fade, your arms become tone, and your clothes begin to fit more loosely.

# 2

Your heart will become stronger. It's important to note that your heart is a muscle, it's main goal is to circulate oxygenated blood to all tissues and organs while removing waste and by-products from your many cells.

Without the heart, you would die. fitness, mainly cardio, will cause your heart to beat faster and stronger, over time like any muscle, your heart will become larger and optimal.

Cardio exercise has one goal in mind, to increase heart rate. An increased heart rate will increase blood flow, which will increase oxygen distribution throughout the body.

The physical benefits of physical fitness will become very apparent as you can climb stairs without becoming winded, you will have more endurance, and you won't be nearly as tired as you used to be.

While those are just 2 of the physical benefits it is important to know that over-all fitness in your life will lead to better health choices, more physical experiences, and a greater enjoyment of life in general.

Feel better, look better, be better!

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