Articles Can Be Your Best SEO Tool

Improving search engine rankings is an ongoing battle for most webmasters and in this article I’m going to outline four of the main reasons why writing and submitting articles is one of the best SEO strategies around.

Articles are very powerful for SEO because they allow you to use many keywords and phrases that are specific to your niche. By using your keywords throughout your article the article will get picked up by the search engines when people are surfing the Internet and type in these keywords in the search bar. Whatever keyword you choose to talk about will be the topic of the article so the article must therefore be unique and informative.

Articles bring lifelong results for SEO. Your articles are distributed throughout the different article directories around the Internet because people will post your article on their website since it is free content and therefore drive a lot of traffic to your website. This will therefore increase your website rankings which will help you with SEO.

Articles also allow the creation of many back links to your website which will therefore improve your popularity rank and ultimately drive tons of traffic back to your website. Try to write high quality articles so that more people will want to publish your article on their website and possibly use your article in their Ezine. The more back links you can generate to your website the better your ranking will be thus improving your position in the search engines.

Articles are a very inexpensive way to increase your search engine rankings. Writing and submitting articles is a very affordable SEO tool. Sometimes writing articles can become a burden and can be very time consuming so some people hire ghostwriters to write articles for them and purchase article submission software to assist them with the submission of their articles.

For SEO purposes you can see why writing and submitting articles is clearly one of the best strategies for improving your websites rankings in the search engines. If you care at all about SEO then it is recommended that you write and submit as many articles about your niche topic as possible.

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