Modeling and Fashion

Fashion is like a storm which tends to change constantly as the time goes. In different countries dressing sense will vary according to their tradition and culture which creates a sense of beauty. Moreover fashion does not mean what you can see on the ramp but it is the way of dressing which will attract the public. In short it can be stated that fashion is inside every men and women and it is a part of every one life.

One's personality can be defined by the way of dressing as fashion plays an important role in the present world. Many offices require formal attire as it will reveal the smartness and professionalism of their employees. On the other hand some modern multi national companies, to make their employees to feel themselves more comfortable allows them to wear what they want to wear. The reason may be that they believe in the quality of work rather than their way of dressing. So we can also say that even informal attires are a kind fashion which is there even when one is at home or informal attire.

Fashion should need to be exposed in the way it is created and this is what every model does. It is the expression of new fashions in the ramps which the main aim is to attract the public who are in search of new fashion. It is advertised through these various types of modeling as people have keen interest to follow a particular fashion which they see it through the modeling ramps or television modeling. Therefore fashion modeling is quite essential for making fashion successful.

Talented models only can achieve top position in the fashion world. Along with physical beauty modeling requires expression which makes attractive to the people outside. Fashion should be expressed with viguor of sensitivity and attractiveness. For example fashion design may vary with according to the situation; some for party wear and some go well with professional purposes. So the model by wearing a fashion wear should able to express the situation and mood which can be revealed through their quick and skillful talents.

Fashion mainly depends on creativity which will impress the people in every way. The designs on the dress and the full body make up should have striking balance so that the people will fall for it in one glance. It relies on the fashion designer as, if and only they are experts in creativity they can make the model more attractive through their creation. They will make dress with colors that suits the particular model. They also do the make up of the models with suitable eye- shadows, lip-stick, earrings etc so that the models will be enriched with extreme beauty.

To conclude fashion modeling depends on three main factors, they are

1) Quick and skillful designers,

2) talented models which can expose desirable image and thinking,

3) Creativity in the dress designs and make -ups.

When all these factors combined in a more perfect way it will result in introducing new designs and fashion which will not only attract people but also make them comfortable as they love fashion and they need it very much.

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