Plus Size Fashion – Shake the Shopping Blues

True or false? Thin women can wear whatever they want.

No matter which answer you chose, you're right. Anyone can wear what they want, when they want. The fashion police may ridicule a person, but that person is free to continue to dress just the same. So, in that sense, the statement is true.

However, for any woman with the intention to look her best, the statement is undeniably false. It is a common misconception that being thin is an automatic ticket to fashion nirvana while being plus-sized is a one-way trip to fashion purgatory. The truth is that all women have to work with the bodies they have. We all have features that we love and some that we aren't so crazy about. A woman who looks fabulous on a regular basis looks that way because she puts effort into it, not because of a certain body type.

So, let's not view being plus-sized as a fashion handicap. It's true that the fashion needs of plus size women have been neglected in the past, but as the demand for attractive plus size women's clothing goes up, so does the supply. The plus size fashion industry had been working hard to give curvy women what they want and deserve. Now, it's just a matter of choosing what works for you. Considering that most women in this country are a size twelve or larger, the effort it takes you to find the right clothes is about average.

How you think and feel about the shopping experience affects what you wear. Be open to the search for the best of what's out there. Trial and error is the name of the game after all. Shopping isn't a chore, it's the pathway to great personal style. Try to enjoy the journey. But if you still find yourself loathing the hunt, remember that you can always hire someone to do it for you.

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