Reviews in a Box – Get 2 Professional Review Sites For $ 1

Yesterday I chanced on an offer called "Reviews In A Box" created by Jean-Philippe Schoeffel. I have bought products from this guy before such as Niches-In-A-Box, VisitorSense, AdSpy Pro, Niche Video Creator, etc. Most of his products are of high quality with affordable prices.

But the Reviews-In-A-Box's sales page is dull and ugly, not a typical sales page you see. It's of narrative style and it seems like was done in a hurry. But the good point is that it has less hypes. Anyway, I don't care about what he wrote in the sales page because my concern is to look for quality product with good price.

I skimmed through the sales page and watched the video hoping to see what he means by "professional review site". Well, from the video I can see that the review site looks great and very thorough. The anatomy of the review site consists of a catchy headline, first impressions, contents, analysis, bad points, good points, summary and final score / rating. It also includes two review videos and the bonuses as well.

The structure of the professional review site he demonstrated looks great and complete. But it still doesn't make me want to click the order button because I need to read and assess the quality of its contents first.

I was about to leave the site when I spotted the pictorial message "Test Drive For $ 1". Essentially, you will get TWO professional review sites complete with unbiased review contents, videos and bonuses for only $ 1. Well, this offer is too good to refuse, so I jump on board and download the two review sites immediately.

So, does Reviews-In-A-Box deliver?

Here is my analysis …

1. The review site's structure is really good. I like how the two review videos are positioned; one at the beginning of the page and one near the end of the page. I also like the unbiased nature of the review. Meaning that it not only talks about the good points of a product but also its bad points (something like the pros and cons).

I also like the summary and the final score sections which basically sum up the entire review and assign a rating or score of 1 to 10 for the product under reviewed. And I also like the bonus section; the bonuses are very compelling and yes, all the bonuses are included in the package.

2. What I do not like about Reviews-In-A-Box?

Well, the biggest problem I have with this product is "duplicate contents". So, if you do purchase the product, DO NOT upload it to your site without first editing it. You will need to sit down, read through the entire review yourself, change the headline and contents to make it unique. For me, this takes 1 to 1.5 hours. But it's well worth the effort because your review site will appear unique. You'll get a professional designed and unbiased review site with unique contents!

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