Honest Review of SEM Business Blueprint

I bought SEM Business Blueprint to see if it lived up to its expensive initial price tag of $ 197.

The courses three modules:

In module one , the creator Steven Clayton explains how to perform keyword research, how to structure AdWords campaigns, how to perform campaign analysis, how to measure value metrics for your customers, and more.

In module two , you learn how to find and approach potential clients to offer them SEM services.

Module three compiles the information taught in modules one and two and puts it all together in a series of four videos. The course then ends with a fifth video that explains the intricacies of back-linking.

What do you learn from SEM Business Blueprint?

It's a course that educates you on how to start your own search engine marketing business. The author claims that many small business owners are essentially clueless when it comes to setting up pay per click campaigns, search engine optimization, and back-linking. The author makes the case that you can approach these small mom and pop businesses and offer to perform these services for a nominal fee. Throughout the modules, the author teaches you how you will perform SEM services for these small business.

Does the product live up to the hype?

The product is presented in a very professional manner. The information within the course is valuable for intermediate internet marketers. It does thoroughly teach you how to start your own SEM practice and how you can perform the necessary services for your clients. All-in-all, the product does deliver a great deal of value considering it is a very real business-in-a-box you are buying.

When you consider the price of most franchises and other various businesses, the price of $ 197 for SEM Business Blueprint doesn't seem that unreasonable. I can say confidently that I am happy with my purchase and intend to use the teachings in the course to pursue a career as an SEM consultant for my local area.

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