8 Steps to Make a Profit with SEO

Whether you are promoting your own site or someone else's, you need to pay attention to the techniques in SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Here are 8 steps to help you write better SEO for more profit.

Step 1: Before you do anything else, get into the web directories on Yahoo, Google, and MSN. You don't need a functioning website – you are simply trying to get your domain name in to the big search engines so you don't have to wait to get noticed.

Step 2: Learn who your customer really is. You will need to know the language they use so you know what to put into your content and how to write it.

Step 3: Make a good website. SEO involves as much keeping customers as getting them to visit, so don't assault their eyes with flashing banners and bright colors.

Step 4: Content and Keywords, part 1

Write good, understandable content, and use words your customers will use when they enter search terms in the search engines. Make sure they find you by using a keyword density of about 2%.

Step 5: Content and Keywords, part 2

Be careful of oversaturation of your keywords. Don't put in any more than about 5% – the search engines will pick up on this and may boot you from the top rankings. SEO is not an exact science, but there were ways to cheat in the past that were nipped in the bud.

Step 6: Give and Get Backlinks

This doesn't mean trade links to your website with a friend. Search engines also pick up on that and frown on the practice. Get links from appropriate websites that are important, even if you have to trade a free article for it.

Step 7: Check Content

Like cheese, your content has an expiration date, after which it's just stale old news. Update often.

Step 8: Check Website

In addition to keeping your SEO writing fresh and updated, check all your links and links to your own website – eliminate any that no longer work.

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