10 Beach Games For Fun And Fitness

The summer is here and it’s time to head to the nearest white sandy beach to soak up the sun and frolic in the surf. While the beach is a wonderful place to relax as you listen to the waves crash to shore, it’s also a virtual playground of fun sports to keep you in beach body shape. So this summer, if you get tired of lying in the sun or bending over to pick up shells, here’s a few fun activities to keep you slim and trim for the summer. Just remember to take plenty of breaks from the sun and seek some shade also be sure to stay well hydrated.

1. Volley Ball-This sport is great if you have a crowd or can coax other beach goers to join in. It’s active from start to finish and you’ll get a good full body workout.

2. Frisbee-Tossing the disc around can get you moving more than you might think. With only two or three people, you can keep it moving and get plenty of exercise. Keep your core engaged for best results.

3. Sand Relays-This sport also involves three or more people. You will need one person to keep time or mediate and at least two runners. The short sprints allow you to run as quickly as you can in a short space. You get a good workout but probably won’t be as tired as a jog on the beach.

4. Fill The Bucket-If you have a group of four or five people, this game is lots of fun. It involves filling up smaller buckets of water from the ocean and racing back to fill up a larger bucket at the other end of the line, about 15 feet away. Whoever fills their large bucket first wins the game.

5. Walking-Long walks on the beach are wonderful for winding down and thoughtful reflection. Put a little zing to your step and make it a bit more active. It’s easy to walk a mile on the beach, walk one way for a mile and then walk back.

6. Swimming-Swimming is a wonderful complete body workout. It is also the most refreshing sport at the beach.

7. Jogging-The gentle winds off the ocean make jogging a breeze at the beach. Don’t get overheated, jog early in the day before it gets too hot.

8. Cycling-Riding a bicycle at the beach is a fun and fit way to take in the surroundings. You can go a lot further on the bike than you can on foot without getting as tired.

9. Surfing-Absolutely fun, fun, fun. If you are interested but have never tried it, you might want to check into taking lessons. This is a great full body workout that really works your core muscles.

10. Kayaking-This is a fun way to get a little further into the ocean without having a boat. You can launch right from the beach and get rowing. Rowing works your upper body and core muscles. You’ll get a full workout from the kayak and you will have lots of fun in the process.

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