Fitness Tip – Find Activities You Enjoy

Most of the people who intend to start exercising and establish a disciplined workout regime often back out in a matter of weeks primarily because they do not enjoy what they are doing. The thought of a structured workout schedule does not appeal to many. However, the good news is that you don't have to be a fitness freak or a gym fanatic to get fit. Here are a few fun ways to exercise without getting bored.

Plenty of options around your home
You need not travel miles to hit the jogging track or workout at the gym if you don't enjoy these activities. Look around your house; there are a number of outdoor activities that will help you to stay fit without boring you. If you enjoy spending time with your kids, chase your dog around the lawn with them, or try giving your dog a bath. It will help you burn plenty of calories while you rub and scrub him. Tend to the yard and garden – it is a great upper body exercise. Apart from these, snow shoveling, gardening, lawn mowing and car wash are also some of the other outdoor activities that will help to keep you fit.

Exercise with a partner or a group
Find a buddy, hit the neighborhood park and play ball. It will not just keep you active but will also motivate you to come back again. The day you are too lazy to get out of bed, your buddy will pull you out. Take a brisk walk with a friend chatting about old days. A 30 minute brisk walk can burn up to 300 calories. If you enjoy dancing, sign up for a dance class. Working out in a group will keep you motivated to perform better than your group members thereby enabling you to give your 100%.

Get a personal trainer
If you are determined to lose that excess weight, but need someone to guide you and monitor your progress, you should think of employing the services of a personal trainer. Let him know about the activities that you enjoy so that he can chalk out a plan to include a variety of exercises. A personal trainer will give you that much needed push when you give up and feel demotivated, he will encourage you to do more when you have slowed down and may even reward you with your favorite food when you achieve the set target.

Go step by step
Introducing a sudden change in your day to day routine to accommodate something new is not going to be easy and you are likely to face hurdles. But the key is to stay motivated and continue exercising. However, no matter how much you are enjoying a particular workout regime, you are going to get bored of it eventually. At such times you must act immediately and switch to a new routine by trying something different. If you continue with the same routine, you will be halfhearted in your approach and eventually stop completely, thereby putting down the drain all your previous efforts.

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