Worldwide Brands Review

A Worldwide Brands review would help you determine whether the company is to be trusted or not. Brands is a company which specializes in wholesale research and their verification. The company, headquartered at Maitland, Florida, was founded in 1999 by Chris Malta and has been helping home business owners and retailer websites find reliable wholesale suppliers ever since. They also provide learning materials on selling online, drop shipping, product sourcing and purchasing from wholesalers. Continue reading this Worldwide Brands review and you can find out more.

The Worldwide Brands researches wholesale suppliers and authenticates whether the suppliers are for real or not, whether they supply home business owners or not, and whether they provide such services as drop shipping and light bulk wholesale (both of which help home business owners). They get the data relating to the wholesale suppliers by buying specialized lists of raw contacts, which contain information about manufacturers and wholesalers, from companies such as Dunn & Bradstreet and InfoUSA and by attending wholesale trade fairs. They then contact these people and research them thoroughly to find out whether they are reliable, trustworthy, willing to do business with home businesses and whether they meet other criteria. They use this data to create their wholesaler database. As any Worldwide Brands review would tell you, they are very good at their job.

If you become a member of Brands you would get free access to their database of wholesale suppliers. This would contain everything about the wholesalers including if they are willing to drop ship and light bulk, whether they are okay with selling their products on eBay etc. The company's database contains over 9000 wholesalers and getting a supplier would be a zip if you were to become a member. If you have any doubts read up a Worldwide Brands review.

If you read every Worldwide Brands review, you would realize that the company also provides eBooks and learning materials which would help you decide on the products to sell and learn more about launching and managing a retail website from home. You could also find out more about drop shipping and product sourcing. The company also has a scam watch which alerts you regarding wholesale scammers.

If this Worldwide Brands review has not already convinced you as to why you should pay for wholesaler information, read on. The lists protect you from scammers. The net abounds with wholesale scammers who are not really wholesalers but pretended that they are.

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