What Is WowGreen? Product Review

When I first typed "What is WowGreen" into Google, I was intrigued. I've heard about the product from the distributor, who wanted me to review his products. I've been using other brands of cleaner that purported to be 'eco-friendly' and 'zero-impact.' But they were not safe for my kids, and they were not safe for my pets. I do not want to put things on my body which names I can not pronounce.

When I finally 'made the leap' to Wowgreen's line of kitchen and bathroom cleaners, the difference was stunning and immediately handsome to me. The first major difference is in their products' ingredients. Biological enzymes mixed with natural surfactants makes for a cleaner that is fast, safe, effective, and most of all, has no chemical smell! I'm thinking about using Wowgreen exclusively for all of my cleaning- floors, windows, our company restrooms- and my family agreements.

Choosing to take on this review project was unquestionably a great decision. Everyone here loves Wowgreen not for what it does (despite the use-specific, natural enzyme formulas make for the best cleaner we've ever tried, bar none), but for what it does not – it does not pollute our precious earth, it does not leave a greasy, soapy residue (or a residual of any kind!), and it does not come packed with warnings about keeping it out of the reach of children or pets. The all-natural enzymes contained in Wowgreen naturally and safely degrade into their constituent elements when they are released into the environment. When you clean with Wowgreen, you're cleaning more than just the room around you. You're also cleaning up your future.

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