Is SEO an Art Or Science

When looking at SEO, the battle rages wherever SEO is an art form or a science! Tempers are hot with this issue, so let's look at it and see which one it is. SEO or search engine optimization is both an art and a science. Why do I say that? There is a simple answer to that question. Both are two different sides of the same coin. Let's look at the art issue for a moment. Those that say that SEO is an art form are basis that decision on the fact that it is an art. Some people actually have this down to an art.

Those that have this down to an art are able to just look at a copy and translate it into SEO articles and an advertising copy. They know the correct forms to place the articles or copy in, and just what keywords need to be used. You will get to this point after doing this type of project over and over. Once you have done this several times over, it becomes automatic. You create an art form, when you break it down into the bare bones and can build it up from there. Sometimes it takes an artist's touch when working with this medium.

Now let's look at the science side. By science, I mean cold hard facts, not intuition. A SEO professional of this type is able to scientifically figure out how many keywords fit, where they go and how the finished project will look. They have a hard formula for creating their work and all work fits into that template. They are able to cut to the chase and get their work done without being intuitive. They have many different templates based upon proven formulas for success. They do not believe in intuitively figuring this out.

Now that is both sides of the coin. Can a person be both artistic and scientific when writing SEO? Yes, absolutely! You have those people that can both intuit and scientifically map out how the SEO projects are going to go. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact it is better to have a little of both when working with SEO projects. It makes the time go faster when working on a project. You can also be one or the other. There really is no preference except personal preference when working on a project involving SEO.

So you see, both sides are compatible with each other, and it is just a matter of personal taste when working on SEO projects.

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