SEO in Simple Words

What are search engines?
A search engine is basically a "robot" or a program that analyzes different websites in terms of relevance. Through this tool, you can be able to locate any information on the World Wide Web. Some of the major search engines include: Google, Webcrawler, Excite and Infoseek. With that said, lets us now move forward to the nitty-gritty of the buzzword SEO.

What is SEO?
In simple terms, SEO (or search engine optimization) is a process of choosing specific keyword phrases that are related to a website. This way, different search engines are able to rank different websites based on the keywords.

Why is SEO important?
The process of search engine optimization is very critical in the design of a website. No matter how flashy the graphics are, all the efforts may easily go down the drain without proper SEO skills. On that note, let us learn some basic search engine optimization tips to help boost your web presence.

Basic SEO Tips

Choose your Keyword (s) Wisely
The key word is a word (or a phrase) that is likely to be used by users looking for you. Before settling on particular words, you must do a deep research to establish what can drive people to your website. After settling on the right words, go ahead and use them through your web content. Stick to an optimum number of keywords through without stuffing.

HTML tags are simply underlines, italics and bolded words. In order to rank higher, you must use these tags throughout your content. On the same note, though there's a plethora of HTML tags available for use, it is not advisable to fill up your webpage with irrelevant and unnecessary tags.

Hyperlinking is a technique that enables people to find your website. By linking your page to other websites, different search engines will easily identify the importance of your website thus boosting your rank. Always use relevant links to attract the right audience.

Provide Good Content
When it comes to content, quality overrules quantity. Always go for good content. Make it easy and interesting for everyone to read. Provide well-researched information with a good flow and minimum grammatical errors.

Do not Forget the Title
A good title has the potential to redefine your web experience. While choosing the title, always ensure that it is optimized by using relevant keywords wherever applicable. A meta tag will also boost your web fortunes.

Make Your Website Sticky
Once your page rankings top, you need to complement this by regularly updating your website. People are always after fresh information, new ideas and good experience. In short, do not just optimize your website, make it sticky! A sticky website not only visits a huge number of people but also keeps them coming back for more. Create simple quizzes, post relevant videos on YouTube, run an active blog and come up with a unique web design. This is an exceptional way to concur the online market.

Let People Notice you on Social Media
In other words, bookmark your webpage on different social media platforms so that users can find different means to access your site. This is called social media bookmarking, and can provide immense benefits to your website. The moment people start talking about you on social media, your website is on!

Hopeful, this write-up has satisfied your appetite of information about SEO, has it? In as much as it dreads me to get into the finer bits and nuances that one needs to go through while doing successful SEO for a website, the above tips are the most basic ones. Always remember that the audience will judge your site in terms of its usefulness and relevance. So, as you succeed in ranking higher, remember that good content is every crawler's wish.

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