Men’s Pea Coat – A Fashion Statement

Over the years, men’s clothing has evolved, leading to the disappearance of some designs and the refinement of others. One of such that has withstood time is the Pea Coat. This is a classy and heavier coat, mostly available in Navy colors. A typical design features broad lapels with double-breasted fronts. Made from wool, they have large metal or wooden buttons. Pea Coats comes in different styles, ranging from the standard Issue of the United Navy to the non-military jackets that are available in different lengths. Let us look at them in greater detail.

Tailored Pea Coats

These are designed to fit the body of the wearer, providing a much fitting look. Some designs comes with a vertical opening at the back, making it more comfortable sitting, adding style and flair. These features makes the coat fuller on men with smaller bodies.

Authentic Pea Coats

These are designed for the navy and are required to meet the specifications of the United States Government. Some features of this coat are a double-breasted over coat and a Melton Shell. The former is intended to boost resistance to wind. It features six buttons, allowing for easy movement.

Since Pea Coats have come to stay, here are some quick nuggets with respect to choosing the right one for yourself. There are several considerations to be made when shopping for the right Pea Coat. The length should be taken into account as well as the waist line. These helps in emphasizing your body shape. Coats that fall just above the knee tends to make your tall figure look more short while those that fall below the knee gives you a formal look.

Top Heavy

For men who have heavy tops, a slightly unfitted looks would do. Narrow lapels, Deep necks and Single breasted buttons would distract viewers from the roundness of your figure, causing more attraction to the top. Natural shoulder padding is okay as it would reduce the appearance of a wider shoulder.

Heavy Bottom

For men with heavy bottom, a line pea coat is best suited for you since they seldom clench the waist. Shoulders can be enhanced with shoulder pads to line them up with the hips. These coats should at least be at mid hip level, never at the waist as they will make the hips of the wearer look wider. When it is longer, the wider waist is hidden.

Petite Bodies

Men with petite bodies can balance their looks with an Empirical Waist Coat. Some additional features that increases the looks includes the subtle neck detailing and a belt. Do you seek to perfect your looks? A swing pea coat is recommended for those who want to add flair and curves to their looks. Around the globe, Pea coats have become a fashion statement. Although they are still worn by the navy, they are very much available for civilian use. Finding the perfect one for your body type is key to bringing out that style, glamour and allure in you.

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