Why is My Computer So Slow All of a Sudden? 3 "Surefire" Fixes

If your PC performance is going at a crawl, here are tips to help.

Here’s the truth…

There are quite a few potential things that could be hampering your performance. The only way to find what works is to experiment with each one at a time and see if it gets results. Here are 3 “surefire” solutions

#1) “Purge” your disks

Focus on the programs you no longer use, and particularly the ones that take up the most room.

You can either manually delete them or you can have your PC’s “disk cleanup” tool do it. I would recommend doing it manually-the tool doesn’t tend to be very thorough.

#2) Get rid of Spyware

It’s becoming monotonous but this is the most dangerous of all. A small amount of spyware is hard to detect, but as the amount grows your copter gets slow and slower.

The problem is that they both have virtually no warning signs, because obviously the programmer doesn’t want to alert you to know about it before they’ve gotten the info they need.

Therefore if your computer is being noticeably slowed by Spyware, it probably means there is a HUGE amount on your system-and you need to get rid it ASAP.

In most instances a good antispyware program won’t cost you more than $15-30, and this is a very important step you need to take before things get even worse.

#3) “Defragment” your disk

This is actually one of the more popular free methods and one I would recommend. All it does is arrange your programs in a more logical order that allows your PC to find them faster.

After doing it the first time I would suggest doing this every 28 days or so to prevent future program cluttering. Again, you don’t have to do this by hand-your system has a device that does it for you.

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