Remove Smart Defragmenter – How To Remove Smart Defragmenter Easily From Your Computer

What is Smart Defragmenter

Smart Defragmenter is a fake system defragmenter and optimization software. It does not allow you to run any programs or.exe files. This fake software completely hijacks your computer and will prevent you from running any other computer applications. Once inside your computer, it will change the Microsoft windows start up settings. This will allow the fake program to automatically start when you restart your computer. Once started, it will perform computer scanning and hard disk defragmenting process. The scanning is followed by many warnings and error messages. You will be then forced into purchasing the licensed version of Smart Defragmenter to remove the errors. The most common error messages are given below.

Critical Error! Exe file is corrupted. Fix Hard drive errors. Hard Drive scan required.

Registry Error – Critical Error, registry access denied. Registry repair required.

39% of Hard disk space damaged. Bad sectors on hard drive. Repair Hard disk

CPU and RAM temperature is too high. Ram Temperature is above 80 C. System security is at risk.

Critical Error! Bad sectors on hard drive. Computer data is at risk.

RAM memory usage is critically high. Failure risk

Critical Error: Windows security verification required. Antivirus and Firewall disabled.

Hard drive error. System failed to detect hard disk space.

By now you will be aware that all these warnings and error messages are all fake. This is just a scam program trying to steal your money.

How To Remove Smart Defragmenter

You can remove Smart Defragmenter using the Windows Add/Remove programs option. Windows Add/Remove option is available in Windows Control panel. If you are unable to remove the fake defragmenter program using Add/Remove programs, then you need to use Spyware Removal tools.

You can easily remove any fake program using Spyware Removal tool. This is a very safe method which is automatic and safe. Spyware removal tool will scan your computer automatically and will remove all detected fake programs.

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