Cordless Drills – Essential Buyers Guide

There are a few questions to ask before buying a cordless drill. Does a majority of projects require a drill? How much power is needed? What type of battery to get? Are there any special features that will benefit the project?

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a drill is comfort. The size of the drill should be related to the type of project. For small, everyday tasks a light cordless drill should do the trick. It is not necessary to buy the largest, most powerful drill. Consider the project relative to the power of the product needed. Make sure that the grip of the item fits comfortably in hand.

Batteries are also an important factor. Many come in different ranges of batteries and chargers. Some of the latest advances are high capacity lithium ion batteries. These batteries provide twice the performance power, while holding a charge that is four times longer than regular batteries. Some chargers can take several hours to fully recharge a battery. Depending upon the length of usage, purchasing an additional battery will ensure that the unit is always powered up.

The chuck size of a drill will determine the type of projects that can be handled. For instance, many items have a 3/8 inch chuck, but heavier models have a inch inch chuck. These chucks are indicative of the drill bits that can be used. Some of the large diameter bits are available with reduced shank, to fit some smaller chuck models.

Autoshift is available in some cordless drills, which improve performance and prolongs life. The drill automatically performs at the optimum speed and torque on this setting. With autoshift, projects require less time and guesswork by the automatic shifting gears when more power is needed. This function makes drilling and driving easier. Another advance to consider one with a built-in LED light. This can be handy when projects are in dark places.

There are many brands to choose from on the market. The most popular brand is Black & Decker which is the leading manufacturer. Ryobi, Skil, and Porter-Cable develop a primarily lighter cordless drill marketed around everyday use. Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi, and Makita have cordless drills that are on the higher price range therefore designed for pros and seasoned builders.

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