Inspirational Gifts

Gifts; I think it’s safe to say most people love to receive them; trinkets of joy, cherished treasures and expressions of love, we all love to receive those little to big boxes, desperately trying to guess what may be hidden in the four walls of a beautifully designed gift box with a colorful ribbon complimenting the gorgeously wrapped box created from love found in the heart for those we care so deeply about.

Trying to find the perfect gift for that very special person on that momentous occasion doesn’t have to be difficult, however, it can be time consuming, but only when we don’t know what to buy for the occasion. From so many gifts to choose from, we can quickly become discouraged from trying to find the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, Christening and all the other hundreds of special occasions that often creep up on us when we’re in the middle of trying to accomplish all those other tasks on our to do list.

Gift giving is an American tradition. From expensive gifts to the least expensive, gifts can be found in various price ranges. During the Christmas season, people seem to love the hustle and bustle of the rush basking in all the fun shopping at malls. I know I love Christmastime and embracing all the love and joy that the season brings. I love to buy gifts for my husband and children. My son, who always has a large ticket item attached to his list looks forward to opening all his gifts on Christmas morning and it truly is better to give than to receive; it lends a true sense of love and warmth no matter what time of year it is.

For me, gift giving is an expression of deep seeded love and gift giving doesn’t always come in a box; it comes from the heart through acts of kindness which can include helping a senior by preparing hot homemade meals or perhaps driving someone to their place of destination. Gift giving is an awesome way to demonstrate how much we care and love others.

Gift giving is an insirational form of art mixed with love that has the ability to bring happiness into someone’s life and this is the reason I love to share my gift of the Spirit with those all around me.

I’ve been giving gifts for a long time and it is something I’ve enjoyed doing. Yes, I’ve given traditional beautifully wrapped boxed gifts, but the greatest gift I give is the gift of love.

Have you given a gift to anyone today? If not, open your heart and give a little love; its the best gift you can give.

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