Location Free TV: Sony’s Entertainment Pioneer

As televisions get larger, brighter, and more colorful it can be difficult to imagine what will be next. Will it be 3D, interactive, or perhaps more of a “virtual” experience? All of these things may well be in the future but for now one of the most unique offerings is “location free” TV. Sony’s 12″ portable LCD LF-X11 offers a type of flexibility that is new in the industry with its battery powered, Wi-Fi enabled touch screen. This dual band wireless TV allows users to enjoy movies, programs, and even internet access/e-mail from any room in the house and even outdoors. Just as cordless phones 20 years ago freed us from needing a phone on the wall in every room, so this television may well free us from a screen in every room. Whether on the patio or out in the garage, the LF-X11 provides quality audio and video without disturbance from microwave ovens or cell phones.

Away from home, this television allows users to enjoy A/V content and internet access by connecting to their Base Station via any public wireless access point: airports, hotels, internet cafes, and other hotspots. This portable LCD monitor weighs in at just over 5 lbs and comes with the Base Station for the living room that weighs only 1 lb. Complete with a handle and stand this 12″ monitor is truly portable.

This Sony television even offers a memory stick port which allows users to view their photos on the LCD screen. The on-screen universal remote with learning capabilities is also a welcomed addition, giving users more control.

The future of most electronics devices is hard to determine but with most items going wireless, allowing users to be more mobile perhaps this direction of location free television should have been anticipated. For the Sony LF-X11 the future is now.

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