How To Surprise Your Kids With Some Live Entertainment

Kids love surprises. As long as the surprise is something they want to be surprised about. Most kids' lives are filled with activities and responsibilities, from school to homework to sports. Days, weeks and months can zoom by quickly without much fun things happening. Whether it is birthdays or Christmas or just a surprise to celebrate the end of school (or the beginning), it's often a bit difficult to put together a surprise and then give them something to be happly surprised about.

So here to inspire you are some surprises with live entertainment, which is something they do not often see.

Watch out for shows with figure skaters that are usually on tour in all part of the United States. Watch for skate-clad princesses and other characters coming to an arena in your area.

Taking kids to the circus does not always have to include the usual litany of clowns and smelly elephants. Aided by music, it would be nice to surprise the little ones with some awe-inspiring acrobatics. These type of shows almost always has some theater element to them.

Find an interactive show that is a mix of comedy, multimedia theatrics, and music. Some of the best shows are those where the kids (and adults) can be asked up on stage to participate.

Surprise them with a trip to a restaurant, but one with a action-packed theme. Have their favorite dinner along with their favorite thing to see (some action) and there can not be much better than that.

Head to an amusement park where they have live shows, from stage plays featuring stories to dance shows with large ensembles and heavily-choreographed songs and dances. Most of the songs are set to modern, hip, trendy music, with most of the singers and dancers not all that much older than they are.

The biggest surprise of all would be a trip to see the taping of their favorite television show. While this may take a big trip, it would be worth it if the kids are really into the television show. Tickets to the tapings of shows are always free, and getting in is reliably easy if the tickets are applied for long in advance. Sitting in on tapings is a lot like seeing a live play. They would be a part of the studio audience. As part of the audience they will get a chance to see everything that goes on that viewers at home will not get a chance to see.

There are a number of live entertainment options out there for kids. It just takes some digging.

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