Men's Fashion Tips For Autumn

You know what I love about the summer? That feeling of freedom, the great moods that a full day of sunshine brings and of course the relaxed clothing that makes you feel comfortable, at ease and leaves you looking as dapper as can be!

The summer is pretty much everyone's favorite and why not? The bright colors, the light materials and the chance to get those legs out (but I'm talking about the lads!) But does that need mean that it is the only season for real style?

The summer is fantastic but it does not need to be the only season your style factor reaches a ten. With the right know how, a bit of insider knowledge and an understanding of what works and what does not; there's no reason why you can not look great all year-round.

With autumn well on its way, why not embrace the latest autumn styles and trends for a look that's bang on? There are loads to choose from but the below are a few of the tips that can give you a helping hand along the way …

  • Embrace Prints- For tall guys in particular, prints can not only look great but work really well. Whether you've worn them before or are not too sure about what could work, why not be a little brave and just go for it? This season is all about linear patterns so you could start simple with a lined t-shirt or if you're really sure then why not go for a printed coat or jacket? Start small and work your way up and you'll be surprised just how on trend you can look.
  • The Right Fit- With the autumn season comes the cooler weather and naturally you may soon find yourself faced with no choice but to layer your clothing but ensure that you're sticking to the right fit. Layering for warmth is natural but if you're chucking on a jumper over your shirt and then sticking on your jacket there is no excuse for looking as though your drowning in a sea of ​​polyester. A snug fit that keeps your shape and silhouette should always be kept in mind. Choose your sizes carefully and consider whenever too too many overly thick materials are a wise move. Layering is unavoidable in the cold seasons but be sure you get it right.
  • Individualism- Men's fashion is always dictated by the latest styles and trends but remember that you do not always have to do things by the book. Why not inject a bit of individualism into the looks you choose? Whether it's a bright colored scarf, bright shoes or a unique accessory for work or a night our; individualism is key to helping you stand out of the crowd.

With the warmer weather surfing goodbye, try not to worry too much as it's not the end of it all! You can still look your final no matter what comes your way.

Whatever you consider yourself a leading fashion whizz or just go with the flow, with a little know how and the right attitude there's no reason that you can not look good whatever the weather.

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