Fashion Rule Number One: Less Is More

According to many fashion idealists, the human body is a work of art and that it is the best clothing that anyone can wear. Therefore, being comfortable in one's own skin is one way of practicing confidence no matter what you are wearing. For fashion minimalists, this is ideal because of the cliché that says "less is more". This phrase means that wearing a lot of accessories work at times, but sometimes, wearing very little can double the impression and maximize the appeal. In easier terms, if one can look like a movie star with a simple plain white shirt, then what else if she will wear an elegant dress? Let us take a closer look.

Two girls walked inside a bar. One is wearing a plain black revealing dress while the other sashayed inside donning a shimmering dress with intricate details. Who do you think will have a better command of the attention of the people at the bar? The endless debate on "minimalism" and "maximalism" lives on. And guess which one lasts to take over? As always, less is more. A gun shot creates a loud noise but probably not hit the target if it is not properly aimed, however, a powerful stab using a knife can instantly kill in a swift silent motion smack right dab in the heart; same in crime, same in fashion.

Minimalism is one of the widest-reaching movements in fashion. From Coco C, Donna Karan and Jil Sander, they all banked on the plainness of the outfit and the drama that the model can add with it to make it work its "barely there" style. Also, who could forget the iconic Audrey Hepburn who popularized the plain and simple bottle-neck little black dress that has its effect still echoing and resounding on every corner of contemporary fashion? Yes, minimalism is probably one fashion revolution that will never go out of style and only the pros will be able to juggle.

Minimalism in fashion creates an impression that one needs to use his imagination to see things that are beyond the naked eye. For an instance, confidence is a surefire formula to rock just any outfit. It is never seen by the eyes, but felt by anyone who sees the person wearing it.

For women who want to channel the minimalist look, go for neutrals such as white, black, gray and brown. Avoiding loud accessories and colors will make this look. Also, go for bolder cuts so the entire ensemble will not be compromised by the dull or plain choice of colors. The easiest way to be a minimalist fashionista is by wearing the eternal LBD or little black dress which has been a fashion favorite since the sixties.

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