Fashion Tips – Black and White Modification

Do you know that white T-shirt will make you look fashionable? In fact, you can use white top as a painting canvas. Now let us imagine there are many beautiful paintings that can be painted on white T-shirt. It is more or less the same if you wear it on your body. It can show many different faces with the right combination.

If you are confused of what to wear for a party, try to use white tops. You can simply pair it with classy blue jeans or sexy mini skirt, and combine it with layered necklaces as accessories. All eyes will be focused on your accessories, so other guests will forget that you are only wearing plain white shirt.

Various gorgeous blazers motives will also very useful. All of them will look nice if combined with white top. You can match your white top with mini skirt or shorts. The white color has the effect of catching people's attention. You will look very fresh and cool with this kind of appearance.

For the white top that is larger than the size of the body, it can be modified with a thin belt to make the appearance look casual but still elegant. Do not be bored with your white shirt. Pull up your sleeves and add some glitter or decorative stones. You can make your white shirt as a canvas. Paint it with glitter or decorate it with decorative stones and voila, then your white shirt is no longer pale.

When the dry season comes, the weather is usually very sunny and hot. Surely, you will need something cool. You can simply modify a white top with a tank top. Take a scissor and cut the arm. You can also do some kind of experiment with the collar area to create the desired design. All you need is a bit of creativity. Do not be afraid to make something new.

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