Flash Memory Card – Dependable Memory Extension


Flash memory is non-volatile data storage technology for computers. We can electrically erase and reprogram it. We can use it in USB flash drives, memory cards, solid-state drives for general purpose data storage. It also facilitates to transfer the data between digital products and computers fast. Flash memory is a specific type of EEPROM. We can erase and program advanced memory in large blocks. It costs much less than bytes-programmable EEPROM. Therefore, it has become a dominant technology for us whenever we need extra amount of solid state non-volatile storage.

Since Flash memory is non-volatile, we do not need power to retain stored information. It offers fast access times and better kinetic shock resistance if compared with hard disks. These characteristics have made it a popular choice to be used in portable devices. It remains unaffected from high pressure, extreme temperature and moisture like environmental stresses. Computer's BIOS chip, Stick, Compactflash of digital cameras, Pcmcia type I and II cards, Smartmedia and video game cards for consoles etc are the examples of Flash memory. So, when there are so many benefits, why do you do not computer memory upgrade with Flash memory?

Memory cards are available easily for various needs. Some popular brands of high performance CompactFlash cards are Lexar, SanDisk and Transcend etc. So, if you feel that your computer is slow working, check the viruses, defragmentation of hard drive and available memory. If everything is OK, you need memory upgrade. You have to options. Either replace existing RAM or use memory drive. RAM is a short term memory of computer. It works with processor accomplish multi-tasks. Besides it, this option may be more expensive than using memory. Using memory card as RAM is quick, easy and cheaper way for increasing system memory.

Windows 7 and all the versions of Windows Vista allow to add more RAM to the computer using a pluggable Flash memory card. Windows ReadyBoost is the easiest way to supplement existing RAM. ReadyBoost is available on all editions of and operating systems. This facility can be used in any kind of computer. The whole process is so easy that you badly need any guidance. The only thing, you need to keep in mind is that always buy genuine Flash memory from authorized sources like Memory. All the branded memory cards come with unique warranty so you always get the real best value of your money.


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