Small Business Tools for Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy the benefits of targeted marketing, and yet it comes with some downfalls. It can take a long time to learn how to learn about the various internet marketing opportunities available, and then even longer to apply those opportunities into real-life use for your company. Small business tools, however, are available to make your internet marketing efforts easier and more time efficient for you.

Internet marketing can consist of using Twitter, Facebook, and others for social media marketing, and it can also consist of e-newsletters, webinars, and more. Here are some small business tools that you can use to make these internet marketing options easier:

1. Hootsuite makes it easier to make posts for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, giving you the ability to manage multiple accounts from one site. What I like about Hootsuite is that it lets me manage several networks, assign tasks internally, monitor the mentions my company receives, and respond just as quickly in real time! It allows for the automatic sharing of blog feeds and the tracking of your analytics. If that sounds too technical for you, then here's as simple as it gets: every time I put up a blog post, this tool sends out a tweet automatically to my followers.

2. Tweet Adder is an automation tool that makes it faster and easier to post to your Twitter accounts and manage them, too. It can handle up to five Twitter accounts.

3. MailChimp allows you a fast, easy way to design and send out e-newsletters, and it features a great metrics tracking tool, too. It's not true at all that emailing is a useless marketing tool. It may be old-fashioned but the truth is that it still works, beautifully so!

4. EventBrite gives you a great option for promoting and managing both real-life promotional events and webinars.

As you can see, each of these small business tools offer you real benefits that make it faster and easier than offer to promote internet marketing options in your company. There are a ton of tools out there for you to select from and put into use, and the ones listed here among the most beneficial and can give you real time and cost-saving benefits. Take some time today to explore the features of each of these options and spend time learning how you can put them into effect in your company today.

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