Top 5 Reasons People Do not Go Back to School

There has never been a greater need for a college degree than there is today. President Obama believes America should strive for 60% of the US population to have a college degree by 2020. Experts point to the strong correlation between a well-educated citizen and a strong national economy. But there are many reasons people have for not learning their degree. Here are the five most common reasons people give for not getting that degree.

1. I do not need a degree to be successful: While a person can still be successful in America without a degree, your chances are becoming increasingly difficult. Within the next decade, 60% of jobs will require post-secondary education.So although you may be doing okay right now, the lack of a degree will put you at an increasing disadvantage in coming months and years.

2. I just can not afford college: The high cost of higher learning has dissuaded many otherwise qualified people from learning their degree, but there are options. Whether you're fresh out of high school, or you've been in the work for a few years and need to develop your skills, there are financial aid options that can help you minimize your expenses. In fact, there are ways to shave thousands of dollars off the cost of your education!

3. I just do not have the time: While it can certainly be difficult to add school to a life filled with career and family responsibilities, today, with online education you have the flexibility that makes it possible to complete your online college courses on your schedule and at your own pace. If you prefer the more traditional college route, most colleges offer evening and weekend classes for the busy student.

4. I'm not sure what I want to do: While it is important to have a career field in mind before enrolling in a degree program, many people just are not sure what they want to do and need some time to figure it out. You can take general classes while you narrow down the field of study that interest you and still get credit for those classes. Also, there are free college classes you can take that can help you discover what interests you.

5. I do not have the confidence: Perhaps you have struggled with school in the past, or maybe you're a little older and just do not have the confidence that you can keep up with a demanding school schedule. Do not let that stop you from approaching your degree. Today's accredited online schools provide students of any age the opportunity to take college courses in a supportive environment, while providing the tools and resources to get your degree at your own pace. You'll gain the confidence with each success.

Regardless of your past excuses, this is the best time ever to take control of your life and stop putting off learning a college degree. Today you can earn your degree at your own pace and according to your own schedule.

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