Tiger Direct Taking the Computer Age to the Next Level

Whether you are a computer gamer building your extreme machine, the IT professional, looking for hardware solutions for your networks, the Audio Visual, or lighting, technician on the road looking for hard drives, routers, wire, or connectors, all have come to know Tiger Direct.

But for the beginners or intermediates that do not know Tiger Direct, this is a store that can offer all your computer solutions from a hardware prospective right down to the nuts and bolts. While other store chains offer accessories, very few offer the vast amount of solutions that this store can with competitive pricing, that will match, or beat, the big stores chains with their shear bulk, and volume, buying.

With that being said, although it is evident that the stores grass roots came from building computers to accessorizing them with peripherals, and networking hardware, for communications optimization, with all the necessary tools, and supplies, to complete the task through its entity. But what is truly unique about the store is the wealth of accessories, gadgets, and brand names, such as Microsoft, HP, Compact, Logitech, Iomega, and NETGEAR, to mention a few.

Also unique is this stores ability to think outside the box by offering offbeat solutions like USB to HDMI converters, VGA to TV converters, wireless HDTV options, CD and DVD duplicators, to video surveillance, options for home owners, and small businesses all from one camera to multi camera packages. So if you are a do it yourself person, or a handyman, these options are very attractive, and simplistic, to install. For the person who wants small to large networking, or to incorporate both entertainment, and communications devices together wireless, or Ethernet, based, it's all there for you with a multitude of options for you to choose from.

If you are interested in checking it out and can not find a store location close to you Tiger Direct also has a large online presence in North America, and is specific to the United States and Canada, but also offers international solutions as well. The online store offers customer tracking on all orders, one, and two day, door to door shipping, and free shipping, on orders over a certain amount, however there is a weight restriction limit applied to the offer. For international shipping please check with representative as this may take longer due to international compliance, and customs.

So if you are looking at expanding on your entertainment needs to include communications, or doing home renovations and looking for options or a small business looking for presentation tools, or quick and easy IT solutions this store is an incredible resource to have now or reference to for your future growth.

Just recently they have included the full line of the power house series of HP, DV7, G70, and G60, laptops and Elite, dc series, Pavilion, and Compaq, desktop computers to choose from. As well as great deals on GPS units from Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, and Motorola, with some pretty incredible discount pricing that can not be matched anywhere.

On a Personal note! This store has saved my life and got me out of some pretty sticky technical situations in the past with my extensive travel through North America, and they have never let me down by not having what I needed in stock at the time I have needed it. So, with that being said, I highly recommend that if you have not heard of this store get to know it as it will be the best friend you ever had in times of technical adversity.

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