Board Games As Educational School Supplies

When it comes to educational school supplies we often think of the basics like calculators, textbooks and arts and crafts supplies that fill up the classroom. But it's important for kids to have a little fun with their learning and board games can give both experiences to students. From simple color and alphabet games for the younger kids to puzzles and strategy games to make the older kids think, there are plenty of board games that can serve as educational school supplies.

When looking into games for the younger set, preschool and kindergarten, look for simple games that teach the alphabet, numbers and colors. Some of the classic games for this age are memory games, often with pictures in place of numbers or a small set of basic numbers. Kids this age are great with visuals so anything with great detail and design will keep them entertained and help them learn easier.

For the 1st to 3rd graders, they can start to really understand traditional board games that require dice and moving pieces around a board. Learning rules of a game and learning how to play with each other in this way helps them both with their social skills as well as their listening skills and following of instructions. Games like Monopoly Junior, Battleship, Trouble and Pictionary Jr are classics that work really well for this age set. All these games have pretty simple instructions that will be easy to follow and will not lose their attention.

When you start to head to the older kids in 4th to 6th grade, consider games that will really make them think. Clue is a great classic that teaches them how to keep track of clues and deduce information from them. This is also the age where checkers is a great introduction to strategy games. Word games are great too, like Scrabble or Boggle which will have children expanding their vocabulary.

Board games are great as a treat during class to reward them for good behavior or getting through a homework review. They are good to have on hand for the kids when it's raining during lunch. It's also good option as an extra activity for after school programs.

When it comes to educational school supplies, board games can be a huge help in getting the kids involved. They get to have fun, you feel satisfied that they are learning, and everyone winds up having a good time.

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